Nadia Caidi

Nadia Caidi

Session: Digital Divide and The Inclusive Ecosystem

Nadia Caidi is a Professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Her research focuses on human information behavior, societal implications of information and communication technologies, and information policy. Her current research is situated in the context of global migration and the role that information resources, institutions, and technologies play in the everyday lives of displaced and marginalized people. She focuses on three key areas:

1) Information for Social and Economic Inclusion (i.e., interactions and rituals that support migrants’ settlement, inclusion and contributions to Canadian society) ;

2) Digital diaspora (i.e., dynamic processes of identity construction and transnational community building supported by digital/social media); and

3) Diversity by Design (i.e., how institutions’ values, tools, practices and payrolls are (or ought to be) altered in light of changing demographic realities).

Dr. Caidi was the 2016 President of the International Association for Information Science & Technology, and the 2011 President of the Canadian Association for Information Science. She consulted extensively on information/media practices for a range of governmental agencies and foundations.