Tom Gee


Tom Gee is the manager of the Neuroinformatics Group at the Rotman Research Institute, and the manager of Software Development at Indoc Research. He has 30 years of experience in systems development for research, starting his career with the Defence Research & Defense Canada creating real-time, safety-critical, distributed embedded data acquisition and control systems for high altitude and acceleration protection.

Most recently over the last seven years, Tom has been helping design, implement, deploy and maintain informatics systems for large scale collaborative projects involving multiple imaging modalities, clinical and molecular data flows, and significant amounts of sensitive health information from research and clinical domains.

The Brain-CODE platform of the Ontario Brain Institute is one such key project, which supports five major programs with hundreds of researchers across 35 different institutions across Ontario and beyond. Tom is also involved in the deployment of the Toronto Dementia Research Alliance database, a “research embedded in clinical care” system with novel privacy and security elements to be installed at five major research hospitals across Toronto.

Tom on Twitter: @twgee