SDN and the State of OpenFlow with the Open Networking Foundation



This session will present the vision and goals of the new Open Networking Foundation (ONF), including joining ONF and ON.Lab, primarily focusing on the Open Innovation Pipeline and invitating users to contribute to this effort.

Possible interactive discussion on networking challenges in support of open collaborative projects.  For example, solicit audience members’ thoughts on network requirements related to:

·         Public data sharing (e.g., data openly accessible over the Internet).

o   Protecting data sources against hijacking for other purposes (e.g., IoT devices)

o   Protecting network resources (e.g., DDoS attack mitigation).

·         Sharing data among a defined (and varying) group of collaborators.

o   Dynamic private networks

o   Selective routing between private and public networks

·         Moving large data sets (e.g., high performance data transfer requirements)

·         Common security problems that can be addressed (we might move this to the final panel?)


Yatish Kumar

Yatish Kumar