The Circle of Six


This panel will present a unique delivery designed by six colleges to provide innovative programming in Northern Ontario, as a long-term strategy for  sustainability.  Setting access for learners as a core founding principle, these six Colleges (Boreal, Canadore, Cambrian, Confederation, Sault and Northern College) have embarked on a proactive three-year journey to invigorate flagging programs, explore new programs and increase access for students in communities they serve in the North.  Of particular concern is access for Indigenous learners who represent a large percentage of Northern Ontario’s population.  The challenge of moving from competitor to collaborator is  part of the innovation story with this collaboration.  Key successes and surprise findings will be shared.  The learnings  from this project are critical for other colleges who wish to build collaborations. While this services rural and remote communities in Northern Ontario, this is a compelling story for all educational institutions.

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Mary O'Farrell
Mary O’Farrell Bowers
Vice President, Academic, Canadore College

Dean Lessard
Lead for Northern College on the Northern Colleges Collaborative Project (NCCP)


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Erin Oner
Teaching Faculty, Confederation College