Iliana Oris Valiente

Iliana Oris Valiente

Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA, is an accomplished corporate executive, innovation and emerging tech pioneer, startup investor, respected board member, published author, and sought-after global public speaker. With a clear vision and unwavering determination, she is a thought leader on a mission to build a future humans want to live in. 

She’s making waves with her Digital Twin, Laila, who’s helping her with productivity by reducing monotonous tasks and increasing output.  As Iliana describes it: What I’m looking forward to? Saving time to reinvest into meaningful activities – like coaching my teams, having proper conversations over meals with clients and industry leaders, digging into the latest research reports, and actually thinking/strategizing! That’s productivity. 

Iliana is currently the Managing Director and Innovation Lead at Accenture Canada, working with senior executives and boards to support their strategic transformation journeys. She leads multi-disciplinary teams across design, data, and technology, focusing on emergent areas such as metaverse/blockchain/web3, sustainability, AI, and cross-industry initiatives. 

A CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional), Iliana is widely recognized for her trailblazing contributions to the blockchain industry, having advised corporations, government leaders, regulators, and startups as a translator between the web2 and web3 worlds.  

Her expertise and perspective have expanded, now encompassing overall technology and societal trends, particularly emphasizing the future of work, life, and human-centred approaches. She helps audiences understand The Human Side of Innovation & Tech Trends: Creating a Future Humans Want to Live In. 

Beyond just the technology – navigating climate concerns, shifting values, the loneliness epidemic, and the reshaping of communities and the search for meaningful connections – Iliana explores profound impacts on society, urging a forward-thinking approach. She aims to leave audiences optimistic and better prepared for what comes next. 

As a published author and frequent speaker at global conferences, Iliana has been featured in various media outlets, including television, radio, and print. Additionally, she’s an active board member at Sunnybrook Hospital, CPA Ontario, and DIACC and mentors startups through incubators such as CDL.  

Iliana is a global citizen who speaks English, Russian, Spanish, and French and enjoys connecting dots (ideas and people). Through Iliana’s unique life experiences and contributions, she has developed an ability to see the bigger picture and drive toward meaningful outcomes.

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