Session: The Living Network Laura Nicholson is the Director Nursing Simulation Centre at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Laura brings to this role a blend of the unique perspectives of […]

Gordon Kakegamik

With over 20 years of experience managing projects in innovation and technology, Gordon Kakegamic is an experienced project manager that has brought positive changes to First Nations communities and organizations […]

Session: Disruptive Technologies and the Cyber Threat Landscape Russell Verbeeten joined the nascent Ethereum project in March of 2014 after completing a masters in Social Science of the Internet at […]

Benoit Pelletier

Session: How 5G Will Change the Innovation Ecosystem Co-founder of the 5G ENCQOR project and Vice-President of Innovation ENCQOR; a NPO created to deliver this collaborative innovation project across Quebec-Ontario […]

Rick Daoust

Session: Effictively Managing a Ransomware Attack – Lesson Learned Rick Daoust joined Cambrian College as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in 2016, following twenty years of progressive IT leadership experience.  His […]

Scott Currie

Session: Securing the Ecosystem Scott is an experienced IT security and compliance leader with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of Information Technology, Information Security, Risk Management, IT […]

Enrica Piccardo

Session: Watch Your Language Enrica Piccardo is Associate Professor at OISE – University of Toronto and at the Université Grenoble-Alpes France. She has extensive experience in language teaching, teacher training […]

Carolyn McGregor

Session: How 5G Will Change the Innovation Ecosystem Dr. Carolyn McGregor AM is the Canada Research Chair (Alumni) in Health Informatics based at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, […]

Rob McCann

Sessions: How 5G Will Change the Innovation Ecosystem Rob McCann is the founder of Clearcable Networks and the President of the Hamilton Technology Centre. He has been working with advanced […]

Geneva Starr

Geneva is a Project Manager and Engineering Researcher at the Canadian Urban Institute. Her work focuses on driving sustainable, low carbon communities through applied research, technical tool development, convening experts, […]

Mark Snyder

Session: Securing the Ecosystem Mark Snyder is a Security Specialist at Juniper Networks aiding customers in reducing risk through solution based security architectures. Mark has over twenty years of industry […]

Grant Frost

Grant Frost is an experienced Executive, Information Technologist and Security Strategist with extensive experience in both public sector and private sector. Grant is known for and has extensive experience in […]

Maxim Jean-Louis

Session: Digital Divide and the Inclusive Ecosystem Maxim Jean-Louis is President – Chief Executive Officer of Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network since 1996. Through […]

Mohammad Qureshi

Session: Disruptive Technologies and the Cyber Threat Landscape Mohammad became the Ontario Public Service’s first CISO in January 2018.  He had joined the Treasury Board Secretariat on April 2016 as […]

Jim Spyropoulos

Session: Diverse, Talented: The (work) Force Awakens Jim Spyropoulos is the Executive Superintendent of Equity and Engagement at the Toronto District School Board. As part of the portfolio, Jim plays […]

Bo Wandschneider

Session: Effectively Managing a Randsomware Attack – Lessons Learned Bo Wandschneider is the CIO at the University of Toronto. He has been in Higher Education for 30 years having also […]

Jenn MacLean

Session: The Living Network Dr. Jennifer MacLean is the Executive Director for SOSCIP, a unique R&D consortium based in Ontario which uses advanced computing to drive industry innovation. In this […]

Rebecca Jamieson

Session: Watch Your Language Rebecca Jamieson, Tuscarora, is the President-CEO Six Nations Polytechnic, mother, grandmother, sister and auntie. Six Nations Polytechnic (established 1993) is centre of excellence for Indigenous community-based […]

Mohini Athia

Session: Watch Your Language Mohini Athia is Director of Communications at COPA (infocopa.com), offering schools in Ontario a range of unique programs and resources focusing on buying prevention, human rights […]

Melanie Muncaster

Session: Digital Divide and the Inclusive Ecosystem Melanie Muncaster is the Executive Director of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), an agency of the Ministry of Northern Development and […]